The Vision

Enable faster, understandable, continuous access to knowledge and understanding of unstructured documents.

The Problem

Current search/NLP solutions don’t go beyond a list of documents/links or word-based processing; the user is left to read as many as they can, organize and synthesize.

About Gyan

​ Gyan (pronounced gee-yahn) is an auto-curating research platform that reduces research time by discovering relevant content, identifying major themes and topics, organizing everything in one place and delivering new insights from the web or your content repository in real-time.

Meet The Senior Team

  • Dr. Venkat Srinivasan


    Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, the Founder and Managing Director of Innospark, has worn the shoes of an entrepreneur for most of his career. He brings deep expertise in AI and computational algorithms to the firm, especially computational linguistics combined with deep functional knowledge in multiple domains including finance and accounting. He has founded several successful AI-led startups, including eCredit (acquired by ICG) and Rage Frameworks (acquired by Genpact).


    He holds 8 patents, has published over 30 research papers in peer-reviewed prestigious journals, has co-edited two books and is the author of a recently published book titled, The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data. Venkat has strongly advocated for and believes that successful AI-led transformation will be characterized by traceability, context recognition and the ability to learn from sparse data environments through computational abstractions. Outside of work, Venkat enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. You will also frequently find him exploring the coffee shops around Boston.

  • Joy Dasgupta


    Digital Transformation Leader and Entrepreneur, with a focus on enablement and adoption of AI driven automation.


    As CEO of Empirican drove digital transformation in the Education business and developed growth strategies for AI and Tech startups. Prior to Empirican, General Manager of Rage Frameworks, a Genpact company, implementing AI enabled automation for Fortune 100 companies. Previous roles include Global Transformation Head at American Express, Founder of a Business Transformation consulting firm with a social development agenda, Global Digital Leader for Hewlett Packard. Areas of interest have always been in the intersection of generating change and transformation outcome, with measurable social impact, and Digital Technology and applied AI.

  • Vishaal Jatav

    CTO & VP of Engineering

    Vishaal is responsible for continuous R&D in Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Evaluation and Artificial & Machine Intelligence and encapsulating all these capabilities into reusable components within the Gyan Platform. He is also responsible for taking these capabilities, applying specific context to them and delivering a suite of products and service APIs for Learning, Education and Academic Research, among others. He has over 11 years of extensive Research & Development in the academia and the industry in the fields of Information & Image Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction and Computational Linguistics.


    Vishaal is B. Tech and M. Tech from IIT, Bombay in the use of Linguistics in Information Retrieval & Computer Vision. He has been involved in several collaborative research and tactical projects with University of Glasgow, UK and a consortium of over 18 Research Institutes across India under the Govt. of India.

  • Dr. Anushka Chandrababu

    Senior Manager for Product Development

    Anushka Chandrababu is Senior Manager for Product Development at Gyan. She holds a doctorate degree from IIIT-Bangalore where her Thesis work titled – ‘A Convex Model Extension to Databases’, is a bridge between Computer Science and continuous Mathematics with application to Operations Research problems. She also comes with 12 years of experience having worked in companies like IBM to smaller technology startups. Her expertise is in building products and solutions involving Machine Learning and Operations Research algorithms. In her role, she is responsible for delivering products and leading all Machine Learning solutions for Gyan.


    She has a flair for research and always loves to keep learning. Apart from that, she loves to travel and hopes to go on a trekking expedition to the Himalayas soon.

  • Erica Schramma

    Product Manager & Computational Linguist

    Erica has been working on the company’s writing products in the US and India since 2011, starting as a Product Analyst reviewing swaths of erroneous writing in order to improve the core writing engine’s performance. Since then, she has worked on the products from many more aspects, but always likes to return to tinkering with the linguistics and code of the engine. She earned her BA in English from Wellesley College and her Master’s in Varieties of English from the University of Essex, UK, where her research focused on second dialect acquisition.

  • Viiu Wichman

    Product Manager & Computational Linguist


    Viiu is the Product Manager for Gyan Research and a Computational Linguist for Gyan. She holds a Master’s degree in linguistics from UCLA where she focused on syntax, semantics and information structure. Before this she completed a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Michigan State University, focusing on logic and reasoning. Viiu has always had a passion for words, meaning, communication & logic, which has driven her academic pursuits. In her free time, she enjoys words, meaning & communication.

  • Emil Kuruvilla

    VP - Business Development & Marketing

    Emil Kuruvilla is a Vice President for Gyan. He joined in the company in 2018 is involved on the market, sales, and product development side across all of the company’s products. Emil has a decade of experience in marketing/business development and has worked across the globe. Between 2009 – 2015, Emil was the head of marketing for the Deshpande Foundation in the U.S. and in India.


    Emil received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and his BA (with honors) from the University of California, Irvine.

Gyan is powerful knowledge-on-demand platform reduces your research time by discovering relevant documents and links, identifying major themes and topics, delivering new insights from the web in real-time, and organizing everything in one place.
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