Meet Gyan

Your New AI Research Assistant

Based on any research query, Gyan does a deep scan across the web, and presents you with a collection of relevant information and high-quality insights.

How it Works

Gyan leverages advanced AI and natural language processing technology


Build Your Outline

  • Gyan enables you to create an outline based on any research query

  • First, you define your main topic (e.g. Electric Vehicles)

  • Then, you can define any sub-topics that are relevant to your search (e.g. Batteries, Government Incentives, etc.)

View Articles

  • Gyan then presents you with a list of relevant articles from across the web

  • All of the articles will be neatly organized by your topic and sub-topics

  • Each article will have key highlights, so that you can decide if you would like to read further



  • Additionally, Gyan provides you with a map to help you visually see your search results, as well as discover new concepts that were not part of your original search

Sample Gyan

shutterstock_1388200922 (1)_edited.jpg

A company approached us with the

following research question: ​


What will the electric vehicle (EV) industry look like by 2030?

The Value of Gyan


Reduce Time

The first stage of the research process can take days or weeks to discover the right type of content across the web. Gyan can significantly reduce your research time down to hours.

Discover the Most Relevant Information

Some of the best information is buried deep in latter pages on search engines.  Gyan leverages advanced AI technology to sift through these search engines and discover the most relevant information based on your research query.

Stay Constantly Updated

Information is growing at an exponential rate. Gyan will constantly update you on new insights when they are available.