World’s first auto-curating,
real-time Research Portal


Who Can Use Gyan:

Gyan for Consumers

World’s First Auto-curating Research Portal

  • Point Gyan to the open web or a collection of documents or both

  • Assemble relevant research content: auto-discover and auto-organize key ideas

  • Traverse Gyan knowledge network hierarchically, non-linearly, and through relationship linkages

  • Initiate further discovery from any point in the network

  • Extract summaries at various levels of aggregation

  • Reorganize, rerun, keep your research constantly current

Gyan for Corporations

Expose Knowledge, Discover Insights

  • Point Gyan to document archives, research notes, corporate knowledge repository, library

  • Dynamically re-orient and reorganize entire document collection around a specific research question

  • Traverse newly compiled and reorganized knowledge base through networked, hierarchical, relationship linkages, etc.

  • Augment with external information

Use Gyan to:

  • Generate auto-curated research or synthesized knowledge on any topic in real time. Just type in as little as a broad topic for Gyan to discover and auto-organize content or provide additional information for more directed Gyan research

  • Keep your research continuously updated  

  • Make static content dynamic by ingesting it into Gyan and turning on auto-discovery to expand on each concept

  • Explore your newly compiled research material non-linearly in multiple ways, such as by related concept or deeper into one particular topic, instead of a breadth-first linear progression (e.g. chapter by chapter). For example, if you are researching diabetes but want to focus on the possible causes, filter the Gyan output by “cause”.


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VP - Marketing & Sales

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